Encrypted Images Prevent Unauthorized Linking & Data Leakage
Secure Image Pro software will encrypt images and domain lock them to your web site. Supported in all web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
Manage Document Rights for PDF From Your Web Site
CopySafe PDF Protector now has the capability of managing document rights access from your own web site. CopySafe PDF Protector can be bundled with add-ons for management of DRM on your server.
ArtistScope Launches The Most Secure Site Protection Imaginable
ArtistScope launches the most secure web site protection system for copy protecting web pages, images, html, source code, Flash, movies, PDF and database records without data leakage and other exploits enabled .
Announcing RDS-Knight Server Security
This update improves two of the core features that protect Remote Access Servers against unauthorized access.
Secure Hunter Anti-Malware
Secure Hunter, a renowned name when it comes to providing Cyber Security Solutions has announced the release of their Secure Hunter Anti-Malware.