What Is PDF Protection? How To Encrypt PDF Files With Passwords & Permissions
PDF protection is about limiting or preventing access to a PDF document and/or preventing its copy and print. By limiting access to designated users one can prevent sharing, unauthorized use and redistribution. By applying copy protection users can be restricted to a read and view only without the ability to copy the content of your PDF for use elsewhere.
How To Secure Your Website From Hackers And Other Malicious Attacks
By using site protection software like the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) you can not only prevent your content and media from being data mined and plagiarized, but also make it impossible for hackers to reach your website using the probing and hacking software and tools at their disposal.
Securing Information Kiosks And Online Data With Website Protection Software
Data protection is not just about the privacy of personal information but also about how data is stored and how it can be accessed. But while there is little that one can do to prevent companies from on-selling personal data, there is a lot that we can do about securing it and that is where website protection software can come into play.
How To Protect Data And Email Using Website Protection Software
To protect data and email messages in different scenarios you can use either PDF protection software or website protection software. For data and messages read online from a web site, namely from a web page, site protection software can be used to limit and prevent copy, printing and user access by using the ASPS site protection software.
CopySafe Video Protection 5.0 Released With Improved Quality/Sync
The CopySafe Video Protection software, which includes the CopySafe Video Encoder, the CopySafe Video Player and the CopySafe Video web browser DLL have been upgraded and released as version 5.0. This new version dramatically improves video quality with the option of varying the quality setting to better control the video file size.