About Addmine

The addmine.com domain was originally registered for an ad server that was set up in Australia to cater for advertising to be displayed in a Permanent Desktop Object (PDO). Ad servers were non-existent in Australia at that time and so was the PDO which was to be the means of financing a new startup for a Free Internet Service. Users could connect to the Internet for free only while the PDO was active on their desktop. That way paying advertisers could get their exposure and the costs of providing an Internet service could be covered.

Unfortunately that new startup quickly disappeared as soon as its development costs needed to be paid. The money that was supposed to pay for stock market shares disappeared with the culprits who were last reported in Mexico and Thailand, still floating their scams.

So addmine.com continued as an ad server for local advertisers and when online ads became big business all over, the server was used for web hosting, software rights management and a shareware site that also catered for press releases.

Addmine had been offline for some years until August 2019 when we rebuilt the addmine.com site to cater for press releases, security software and freelancer management.

Addmine.com is a not for profit service supported by volunteers who each have about 20 years experience in the IT industry covering all facets from Internet services and IT management to software development and outsourcing for almost everything including copy writing and language translation.

Here you can expect privacy, confidentiality and integrity.

Ken Douglas - Team Leader