Dr.Web anti-virus for Mac OS X - 10

Dr.Web for Mac OS X Light is a reliable product that uses the most innovative Dr.Web technologies to protect your Mac from viruses and malware. A built-in scanner will scan your system and quickly neutralize all detected threats. The heuristic analyser will protect your system from unknown viruses.
Easy and resource-efficient background scanning of the Downloads directory, where every file downloaded is scanned.
Perform express or full system scans.
Customize lists of files and folders to be excluded from scanning.
Check suspicious files and folders by simply dragging and dropping them into the anti-virus application window
Use the pause function to suspend scanning and save on the battery life of your Mac then continue scanning at any convenient time.
Configure automatic responses for the anti-virus to various types of threats, or manually choose what actions are to be applied to each threat.
Get detailed information about the infected files found by the anti-virus (viewable in the Threats and Quarantine windows).
Log for working in automatic threat neutralization mode. The log displays scanning results and shows what files have been cured, skipped and quarantined.
Quarantine for suspicious objects.
Choose how you want to be notified about detected threats: via OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Growl (if this service is installed in your system), or the Dr.Web alert service.
Customizable scheduling of virus database and scanner updates.
Use all Dr.Web features from the Desk's main window.
Get the latest news about viruses and other threats as well as Doctor Web products directly in the application window.

By Doctor Web
Type: Shareware
Price: $28.60

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