SAC Anti Malicious Tool - 1.2.4

SAC Tool is a Free software. SAC (Search & Clean) Tool can Detect and clean Malicious softwares, Keyloggers, Spywares and ransomware's files without damaging to PC or another softwares. Please Note that you should use an AntiVirus along SAC tool. SAC will not protect you from Viruses. SAC Tool have 4 internal ways to scan your PC and protect it against Keyloggers, Ransomwares (Files that infected to lock your PC), Spywares etc.
SAC Tool have internal Quarantine safe to keep infected files and preventing them to run and damage your PC, or simply delete them in one click. Internal Database Updater will help you to make your SAC Up to Date to better Search & Clean your PC.

Some of features:
- Smart scanner
- Full scanner
- Services scanner
- Custom scanner
- Internal Quarantine
- Internal Updating system
- etc.

By VIVE LTD Production
Type: Freeware
Price: Free

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