EyeLine Video Surveillance Software - 2.06

EyeLine Video Surveillance Software puts the power of security in your hands. This powerful system provides peace of mind whether you are using EyeLine for your home or business. EyeLine Video Surveillance lets you record and archive compressed surveillance footage for use at a later time. EyeLine Video Surveillance can record up to 100+ cameras simultaneously. Motion detection recording saves space by only recording when needed. Find and play video footage by camera, date, duration, and motion-detected.

EyeLine Video Surveillance Features:

Records multiple cameras simultaneously. Number limited only by hardware.
Motion detection recording saves spaces by recording only when something is happening.
The frames are automatically time stamped so it can be used as evidence if required.
Video can be monitored on the screen as it records.
Easy to use for reliable day-to-day operation

By NCH Software
Type: Shareware
Price: $138.99

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