pfEncryptor - 3.0.5

Provides interactive User Interface for defining and managing encryption tasks. Supports AES, TripleDES, and DES encryption standards. Can encrypt either files or standalone strings. Encryptions can either be to binary or base64 Text encoding. Keys can be saved to files for later use in creating standardized encryptions for various files. Encryption and decryption task definitions can be saved for later replay. Batch processing for encryption and decryption tasks can be defined and saved for periodic scheduling.
Developers will find the application useful for encrypting files and strings used in their applications.
Users can use the application to encrypt
1) Files stored on network or cloud drives.
2) Files destined to be transferred by FTP or email or on external USB disks.
3) Text messages sent in emails or other text messaging platforms.

By ProFast Computing
Type: Freeware
Price: Free

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