LanAudit TS&Citrix Monitor - 3.2

Monitor what remote users do on your Windows Terminal Server. Audit Windows Remote Desktop sessions, Citrix shared desktop and virtual applications.
LanAudit TS Monitor is a Terminal Server sessions recorder that captures every user action. Monitor your employees who tele-work from home or remote-in to the office during business trips via RDP. Monitor what users do on thin clients in your network without installing any software on their devices. Document server configuration changes by recording remote and local administrative sessions.
Protect your mission-critical corporate data by preventing information theft by insiders. Increase staff productivity and improve security by using this unique terminal server and network monitoring software from LanAudit. Our software is completely invisible for monitored users.
Get total control over your corporate network. Install LanAudit TS Monitor on your Windows Terminal Server or Citrix. Use in a tandem that records what employees do on their workstations locally outside of remote desktop session window.
Now supports Windows Server 2012!
Log every user action in Terminal Server sessions:

Capture screenshots of user activity using proprietary IntelliSnap&trade technology. It takes screen copies based on user actions. Get a picture of each
visited web page, opened program, sent or received IM message, etc.
Log used applications and work duration in every program
Log Internet surfing history with exact visited URLs and duration of stay on every page Know which websites are most frequently visited

By Lan Audit Group
Type: Shareware
Price: $99.95

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