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WT-NMP - portable Nginx Mysql Php development stack for Windows

A portable, preconfigured, lightweight, fast and stable server stack for developing php mysql applications on windows, based on the excellent webserver Nginx. Just unzip and start developing!

Package contains:
- Nginx web server
- Mysql database server
- Php scripting language
- Node.js server-side JavaScript engine
- HeidiSql.exe mysql database manager
- WinSCP SFTP client
- Php Extensions: opcache, xdebug, xcache.
- MSmtp sendmail smtp client wrapper
- Composer.phar dependency manager for php
- Adminer.php web based mysql database manager
- Reg.php regular expressions tester for both PHP and JavaScript
- wt-nmp.exe server manager


TRULY PORTABLE, you can zip it and take it with you, or you can move it to a different location on your filesystem. Configuration files are updated automatically after you move WT-NMP to a different machine/folder
Easy to upgrade: Download / Unzip / Overwrite!. Backups, configuration files, database data, included libraries and projects are persistent during upgrades (not overwritten)
Lightning-fast web server. Optimized for best performance. Preconfigured servers for fast development
For easy access, all configuration files are stored in one place: WT-NMP/conf and all log files are stored in one folder: WT-NMP/log
Multiple PHP Versions and version switcher. Dynamic number of php-cgi processes.
The server manager runs minimized in the system tray and monitors, logs and restarts crashed servers.
Easy project Upload, Sync and Browse with WinSCP
Optional MySQL database daily backups can be enabled with --backup. Up to 7 backup files will be created per database per weekday
Ideal solution for multiple development environments or parallel configurations on a desktop computer. You can have any number of WT-NMP clones on your computer, all pointing to a single projects directory

By WTriple
Type: Freeware
Price: Free

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