Copysafe Video Protection - 3.0

Copysafe Video is the most secure solution available for copy protection of video files from all methods of copying including Printscreen and screen capture. Copysafe Video can be distributed by email, download and on disk with or without DRM to prevent sharing and unauthorized redistribution.

CopySafe Video provides most secure video protection on the planet that cannot be exploited or hacked in any way.

- Distribute video that are protected from all copy and redistribution
- Copy protect video from Print Screen and all screen capture software
- Copy protect video with a password that cannot be hacked
- Copy protect video with expiry dates that cannot be foiled
- Set expiry by days or hours starting from first opening
- Distribute video with total control over who can access them
- Control how many times a video can be played
- Distribute video by email, download or on disk safe from sharing
- Protect video for secure online viewing while safe from all copy

Each Copysafe Video Encoder licence includes a FREE online account to manage DRM for an unlimited number of videos, subscribers and groups.

For web page disaplay there are a variety of free add-on modules available for easy integration and display of protected video on web pages within most CMS web applications such as DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress.

The CopySafe Video Player is a free download to the public, and for distribution with your protected video.

By ArtistScope
Type: Shareware
Price: $295

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